WEDNESDAY 10 OCTober 2018 


On Wednesday morning, prior to the SSP conference, the COST Action BM1403 (Native Mass Spectrometry and Related Methods for Structural Biology) is organising a mini-symposium on topics relevant to the whole Structural Proteomics community, which is open to anyone to attend (SSP conference delegates welcome).


There will be a number of short talks from students and postdocs from within the COST group but importantly, the Working Group leaders will also report on inter-lab comparisons and recommended work practices for several key structural proteomics techniques.





TU Main Building

Straße des 17. Juni 135

Lecture Hall H0110




8:50     Welcome 
9:00     Valerie Gabelica, Bordeaux: Community standards and recommendations for ion mobility MS (WG1) 
9:20     Kasper Rand, Copenhagen: Community standards and recommendations for HDX-MS (WG2) 
9:40     Claudio Iacobucci, Halle/Saale: Evaluation of inter-lab comparison and recommendations for xlink-MS (WG2) 
10:00   Justin Benesch & Kostas Thalassinos: Computational methods for native & ion mobility MS (WG4)
10:30   Coffee break
11:00   Esben Trabjerg, Zurich: Feasibility of succinimidyl-based crosslinking at slightly acidic conditions
11:20   Shane Chandler, Oxford: Coupling gas-phase HDX to IMS reveals structural transitions as proteins leave their native state
11:40   Jasmin Dülfer, Hamburg: HDX-MS of norovirus capsid proteins 

12:00   tbc